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A renewed invasion of Syria by the Turkish army is imminent. The goal is the Democratic Federation of Northern and Eastern Syria, where pluralism, democracy, gender equality and ecology characterize multi-ethnic and multi-religious social coexistence.

The military invasion violates international law and, as in Afrin, will lead to a humanitarian catastrophe with massacres and mass displacement.

The danger of re-strengthening of IS is also enormous. The invasion can lead to the release of tousands of IS fighters currently detained in Northern Syria. Against the background of previous terrorist attacks, this also poses a danger for the West, especially Europe.

The international community is called upon to stop Turkey's occupation policy. The Middle East needs no further destabilisation. The Kurds and their allies are a central factor of stability that has to be supported.

Kurd-Akad Germany, UK and Switzerland

Who are we?

During the 1960s and 1970s hundreds of thousands of Kurds arrived in Europe as labourers and in the eighties and nineties, political and economic refugees began to arrive. Currently, vibrant Kurdish communities exists in many of the European countries and thousands of Kurdish students study in higher education institutions across Europe. In the UK, a vibrant Kurdish community has come into being since the 1980s, and many Kurdish individuals have established themselves in the world of business, law, medicine, academia and local politics.

Thousands of Kurds graduate from higher education institutions with qualifications in various fields of science, social science and humanities, contribute to the social and economic life of the countries they live in. There is a growing potential within the Kurdish community in the UK and Kurd Akad UK aims to bring these individuals together in activities and efforts that contribute to the social, economic, cultural and political developments within the Kurdish community as well as in the larger society in which they live in.

The Kurdish academics and professionals can contribute to Kurdish community’s progress and its ability to address the multifarious social challenges it faces. Kurd-Akad UK aims to bring the qualities and skills of Kurdish academics and professionals together and harness it in the service of Kurdish community’s development and progress in the diaspora and in Kurdistan.

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July 2020

Kurd-Akad Uk's webinar with Michael Chyet
‘Zimanê ku zarok pê nepeyivin - A language not spoken by children’
Friday 18th September 2020, 7pm-9pm (UK time)
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Meeting ID: 228 465 4111